History of Aberystwyth


'English' Price of Wales

Edward, the 4th son of Edward I is made the Price of Wales - the 1st English heir-apparent to hold the title. He will later become King Edward II.


Earliest records of local lead and silver mines
Number of Burgages in Aberytwyth 141


Rome, Avignons

Universities of Rome (Italy) and Avignons (France) formed


Llanbadern Village

Soon houses were built next to the castle and by 1307 they were sufficient to be deemed a village - Llanbadern Village. Edward the 1st directed that this village become a town and it was then called Llanbadarn Gaerog (Fortified Llanbadarn). Only the King had the right to confer the status of 'town' which included defences. In later charters trading privileges were permitted in the town on payment of a toll of 20 shillings to the Crown. The town was often referred to by the name of the Castle next to it and by the time of Queen Mary (1555) it was called Aberystwyth.



Start of a decade of rain in Britain



Population of Britain estimated at 7.5Million.

Welsh Allowed

Initially it proved difficult to attract English settlers to live as an occupying force in a fortified outpost of an hostile territory. As such, it became necessary to allow Welshmen into the town to make it a viable settlement. So by 1310, 50 of the 144 men holding privileges in the borough of Aberystwyth are Welsh - a higher proportion than in Edward's other castle towns. The Welsh involvement in the town of Aberystywyth made this area much more stable than the walled English towns to the north where the Welsh were deemed forinsecos (foreigners) and excluded.
Occupied holdings 144 (111 in 1289)


June 23/24: Scotland

The English loose the battle against the Scots (led by Robert Bruce) at Bannockburn and Scotland gains it's independence



Born in Penrhyn-coch just a few kilometres north-east of Aberystwyth was Dafydd ap Gwilym who is often regard as being the greatest Welsh poet. Though little is known of his life, many of his poems shed light onto the life and the women of the locality.


Thinking Scientifically

William of Occam forms Occam's Razor, which many believe to be the philosophical foundation of the modern scientific method.


European Black Death

Black Death enters Europe - before it finishes it will kill ¼ of the population of Europe


University of Prague

University of Prague founded (Czech Republic)

July: Black Death in Britain

Black Death enters Britain in July. It would take 400 years for Britain's population to return to the pre-plague level.

Black Death

Records show that the number of town Burgesses in Aberystwyth drops by half. A similar proportion of the general population is likely to have died from the Black Death.



Black Death and the war with France produces a crisis in England


Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace completed in Granada, Spain it was started in 1248


Black Death

Black Death returns in England, France and Poland

English Allowed

The English Language is allowed to be spoken in English Law Courts although documentation is still in French



Aztecs build the metropolis Tenochtitlan Mexico



Building of the 6,352 km 'Great Wall of China' This is the longest of many walls built to protect China, and the main one visited by tourists today. The walls were used to prevent the movement of herds of goats which were a necessary food supply for a mobile army of the time.



The Gough Map is the first to depict the shape of Britain correctly.

Gough Map of UK
The Gough Map of Britain
© Bodleian Library, University of Oxford


At the centre of this excerpt of the Gough map is Llanfihangel Castell Gwallter (Llandre) show as a castle with several gates. Aberystwyth is below it and depicted by an icon of a house which seems to represent a town without a wall or castle. Just above Llandre castle is Strata Florida Abbey with spired church with cross. To the right is Cardigan with a spired church with cross, two castles and town walls with two gates.

Gough Map of Aberystwyth
Aberstwyth on the Gough map
Note: in this perspective East is to the top
© Bodleian Library, University of Oxford



Cookery book by Guillaume Tirel called Le Viander de Taillevent written in France


Grand Jury

Establishment of the 'Grand Jury of the Town, Liberty and Borough of Aberystwyth' which eventually became the Town Council


Revolting Peasants

English peasant riots begin against low wages set by the statute of 1351 and this years high poll tax.


Serb Empire

In July the 'Serb Empire' (a coalition of Serbs, Albanians, Wallachians and Bosnians) is ended by the Ottoman Sultan Murad I at the battle of Kossovo. In September Sultan Murad I is assassinated by a Serbian posing as a deserter.



Uzbekistan astronomer Ulugh-Beg