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Aber' Uni' Philatelic Society
Club Notes

13th October 2016

  • Venue: Seminar Room, Old College, Aberystwyth at 7.00pm
  • Present: Norman (Chair), June (Secretary), George, Ron
  • Apologies: Heather, Vas, Michael, Peter


  1. Notice of the Federation of South Wales Philatelic Societies Annual General Meeting and Federation Day including the proposal from the Newport Philatelic Society was presented

After the business of the meeting had been completed, a discussion took place to formulate the programme for this season’s meetings.


The theme of this evening's meeting is 'longer than 10 minute talks'

Ron brought along two interesting letters, one of which Ron had undertaken a great of research.

  1. A letter sent from Talybont to the War Office dated 21/11/1842 from a former Royal Cardigan Fusilier who, in 1810 was travelling from Dover to Cork, when a piece of timber hit the back of his leg resulting the loss of his limb. He was awarded 9d a day since 1841. He appealed to the War Board to an increase in his daily payment due to the loss of the right eye and asthma, as he could not earn a 1d and unable to support his wife and 5 children.

    Ron had painstaking searched through census records and found that in fact the 1841 census stated that he is a lead miner, 1851 a Chelsea pensioner. His eldest son now aged 30 was living at home, working as a lead miner as recorded on the 1851 census and his father was claiming for him! The Chelsea pensioner died in 1853.

  2. The second letter posted in 1851 from Lampeter to a firm of solicitors in Aberystwyth. The sender, Charles Jones asked that the facts be known to the Coroner over what he considered to be a suspicion of murder. The facts given were ‘a substance placed in a teapot’ by Jane Evans, a servant, who then poured his mother a cup to tea. His mother died the following day. Was she poisoned or was it coincidental? Jane Evans apparently hid the tea pot and then proceeded to The Red Lion, Pontrhydifendigaid where she received clothes and money. By whom?

The meeting closed at 8.40pm

19th November 2015

  • Venue: Seminar Room, Old College, Aberystwyth at 7.00pm
  • Present: Norman (Chair), Heather (Treasurer), June (Secretary), George, Peter and Mike


The theme of this evening's meeting is 'longer than 10 minute talks'

  1. Heather's extensive talk covered the Vikings from the rule of Scandinavia to the rule of Great Britain by William the Conqueror. A number of stamps from Scandinavia, Hungary, Poland, Canada and Newfoundland, US, Dominica/Cuba were exhibited. In particular the Danish stamp depicting a Gokstad boat, and Heather described the structure of it. Also the Conquests and Settlements were explained along with why they were so powerful and the Germanic people of Scandinavia in the pre- and early Viking period.
  2. George gave the second talk of the evening. As George said:
    "There is always something more to be learned about one’s stamps.  Try looking at them in the dark.  Using ultra violet light, much more is revealed.  Not just phosphor lines, but, bars, right angles, picture frames, crests (Indonesia), badges (Hong Kong), and yellows, purples and green phosphors ( Brazil and Germany ) and on the G.B. highest value, a Union Jack.", and those present had the opportunity using a UV light to view them

The meeting closed at 8.50pm

5th November 2015

  • Venue: Seddon Room, Old College, Aberystwyth at 7.00pm
  • Present: Heather (Treasurer), June (Secretary), Ron, and George.
  • Apologies: Norman, Mike, and Peter.


  1. George gave an enlightening talk on Pyrotechnics. Many aspects of pyrotechnics were covered, including internal combustion, components used to make fireworks, and why fireworks are so called.
    These were illustrated by a variety of stamps shown from a number of countries including Argentina, Malta, Netherlands, China, Germany and USA.
  2. Following the talk we received a demonstration from George showing those present how to take self-adhesive stamps off paper, cardboard, film and those covered with cellotape. Self-adhesives from various countries were used. We all felt confident enough to continue this exercise at home.
  3. The subject of the thimble competition was places of worship. Points wise it was a close competition, but the overall winner on this occasion was June.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

22nd October 2015

  • Venue: Seminar Room, Old College, Aberystwyth at 7.00pm
  • Present: Norman (Chair), June (Secretary), Heather (Treasurer) Ron, George and Peter.
  • Apologies: Mike

Condolences were extended to George who recently lost his brother

Matters arising:

  1. The costs were received from Heather with samples of the sizes for insertion into the Cambrian News. After a great deal of discussion highlighting the fact that no new members came forward as a result of the display in Ceredigion Museum over a number of weeks leading up to the 2012 Olympics and contact details placed in the packets of used stamps sold in Save the Children shop in Aberystwyth it was agreed to shelve the advertising.
  2. June asked for approval to have notes placed on our website and taking the necessary security precautions where Christian names would appear only. This was approved


  1. A fine selection of ‘mystery’ stamps came forward for greater clarification by those members present including Swiss Telegraphie, Swiss Private Post, Spain, Morocco, Russia, Jugoslavia and a number of Cinderella’s. With the use of De Timbres Poste catalogue, Yvert and Tellier – Champion 1952, many were identified.
  2. Ron produced an envelope and posed the question ‘Why did an Air Mail letter posted in Aberystwyth on 11.07.1941 via North America arriving in India on 02.08.41 carries a 5s stamp and went through censorship’?
  3. The Thimble competition – Overprints attracted 5 entries and jointly in 1st position was Ron with a beautiful set of 1922 Ireland overprints in black (Dollard) and June showed her Basutoland – Lesotho stamps with change of name and currency after it attained independence in 1966

The meeting closed at 8.35pm

8th October 2015

  • Venue: Seminar Room, Old College, Aberystwyth at 7.00pm
  • Present: Heather (Treasurer), June (Secretary) George, Ron, Peter and Mike
  • Apologies: Norman

Matters arising:

  1. Heather gave details of costing's and sizes for an advertisement to be placed in the Cambrian News - Decision deferred to next meeting.
  2. June had submitted a short piece to the Cambrian News under Aberystwyth News. It is yet to appear. June reported that no records have been lodged with the three bodies where enquiries had been made.
  3. Mike gave his apologies for the next meeting.


  1. George's talk was most captivating, on the issuing of stamps in Mozambique, explaining how the geography of the country change as stamps were issued. An explanation on the 1910 revolution resulted in a variety of overprints reading "REPUBLICA" on both the existing stamps, and on previously-unissued stamps depicting Manuel II of Portugal. Many other interesting facts and figures were given. A comprehensive collection of stamps were on view.
  2. Ron brought along an album containing a variety of Air Mail letters, some postal used. The content of these were fascinating. Of particular interest were those depicting scenes of London and Ron explained how by chance he acquired them. Those members present had not seen these before.
  3. June's talk resulted in the circulation of the swimming programme for the 14th Olympiad held in London 1948, along with the British issued.
  4. The thimble attracted 5 entries. The subject was a stamp on a stamp and June's 'Congo Cockatoo' on Zairian stamps gained most points.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm

24th September 2015

  • Venue: Seminar Room, Old College, Aberystwyth at 7.00pm
  • Present: Norman (Chair), June, (Secretary) Heather, (Treasurer) George, Ron
  • Apologies: Peter, Mike

Matters arising:

  1. The Chair welcomed all attendees and trust we had a good summer despite the weather. Heather produced a letter received from the siblings of the late Gordon, stating that he had left a legacy of £250 to be spent on visiting speakers expenses. There was a great of discussion on the content of the letter (a copy which is held on file), regarding the reference of speakers expenses. The cheque received had been banked and a letter of thanks sent to the family.
  2. The programme for the following season resulted in a lively discussion. It was considered that one Auction would be held in March. George volunteered to present two quizzes, one for each half, and there would be a Chair’s evening – content to be arranged nearer the date. George also offered a talk on Pyrotechnics, as he had a number of stamps on the subject. Also during the evening a demonstration on removing self-adhesives off paper will be given.
  3. It was agreed that as George is giving a talk, and in line with the bequest from Gordon he would be reimbursed his petrol costs. This was unanimously agreed.
  4. Books and stamp hinges were circulated for the South Wales Federation circuit at the end of the month. June has appealed to members for completed books.
  5. Heather received membership fees of £8 from those present.
  6. The Chair asked the secretary to place a free announcement in the Cambrian News and Heather would make enquires re: small advert costs and sizes.

The meeting closed at 8.18pm