Aberystwyth postmark from the day that Aberystwyth University Openned

Aberystwyth University
Philatelic Society

Welcome to the web site of the Aberystwyth Philatelic Society. Even though it is known affectionately as the 'Stamp Club' - our members interests also include, postcards, postal history, postal stationary, revenues, 'cinderellas' . . .

The society was formed in 1963 and has run a busy programme of displays, competitions, quizzes, auctions, dealers, lectures & talks ever since. New members & guests are always welcome.

Lectures in previous years include:

Preparing for Club Auction

Preparing for Club Auction

All lavishly illustrated from prestigious collections!

Our club is also a node on the South Wales Club Box Circuit allowing stamps to be bought from and sold to members in other stamp clubs.


Main Entrance into the Old College

The society meets from 2pm-4pm in the Community Space of the Tesco store on Park Ave, Aberystwyth, SY23 1PB



   Get together to discuss the forthcoming programme
   10 minute talks.
   10 minute talks + Thimble Competition #1 (Different shapes)
   Visiting speaker - TBC + Thimble Competition #2 (Different sizes)
   Quiz + Thimble Competition #3 (Pottery on stamps)
   Chairman's Evening


   Longer than 10 minute talks + Thimble #4 (Marks on the back of stamps)
   Mystery stamps and Bourse
   Crossword + Thimble Competition #5 (National Costumes)
   The Mickleson Cup and Six Sheets Cup Competition
   Visiting speaker - TBC + Thimble Competition #2 (Dancing on stamps)
   AGM and Auction


  Setting the programme
  Talk by George on 'Mexico'
  Talk by June on 'Post and Go' + Thimble Competition (Religious Paintings)
  Quiz – George + Thimble Competition (Famous people)


  Talk by Ron 'National Savings' + Thimble Competition (Bridges)
  Talk by George 'Burandi' + Thimble Competition (Napoleon)
  Talk by Norman 'Isle of Man' + Thimble Competition (On a Welsh theme)
  Competitions – 6 and 10 sheets (any subject) 
               + Talk by Ron 'The Solider from Talybont' + Thimble Competition (Composers)
  Talk by Ron 'Ireland' + Mystery stamp/s – bring them along
  AGM + Members to give a 5 min talk – any subject

Extra Events

   Welsh Postal History Society meeting (Llanbadarn Village Hall)
  To Be Announced   Club Dinner

Aberystwyth Stamp showing colour shift

The famous 'sliding down the hill' colour shift