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For such a small town, so far off the beaten track, Aber' has a problem with the car. Most of the town's layout dates from well before the car but many people come into town by car to work, study and shop. Adding to this is the main coast road between north and south Wales which squeezes its traffic though the town. Aber' has an extensive one way system and there are gridlocks in town and most of the approach roads during the rush-hours. Many of the town's roads have double yellow lines, which leads to a game of 'musical chairs' as cars keep driving around the one-way system waiting for a parking space to free up.

“the town's layout
dates from well
before the car”

Watching the driver confusion at the imaginative road junction on North Parade, (where 2 'in' lanes combine then split into 3 'out' lanes) is becoming the new spectator sport.

Extra notes
for visitors who plan

Aberystwyth byelaws include:
  • Alcohol may not be consumed in the streets
  • Between the 1st May and 30th September dogs are not allowed on the beaches and should be kept on leads near the beaches.
Tourist Information Office
A 3 minute walk from the Railway station towards the sea, just by Boots Chemists
Bath St (sic), next to Cinema
North Parade, near Cycle Shop
Bridge St, near the middle
Walking up to Arts Centre / Campus
If you're not used to hills, slow down just after the hospital car park
Walking up Constitution Hill
Good boots as it's slippery when wet
A hat's usually better than a brolly (there's less 'lift')
The Spar next to WH Smiths is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Marks & Spencer - open till 20:00 most nights
Tesco - open till 22:00 most nights
Most open on Sunday 10:00-16:00
Easy to find meeting points
Town Clock
In front of Railway Station
In front of Barclays Bank
Post Office
In the WH Smith store
Park Avenue Toilets (2 min from Train Station)
Hot Water
Separate baby changing room
Sunday Evening
Most cafés & restaurants are closed
Beach Shower
on the Southern side of the Bandstand
After heavy or prolonged rain the train line around Dovey Junction often floods so it's not unusual for buses to be used for train passengers between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth. River level of Dyfi at Dyfi Bridge (about 8km upstream of Dovey Junction)


The front of the old railway station is now a large pub, with the railway relegated to the side buildings next to platform 1. I don't know whether it's best to describe it as a railway station with a pub or a pub where trains pull into the lobby!

Aberystwyth Train
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Coach / Bus

road icon The local bus timetable tends to fall apart around rush hours also the buses can sometimes be too full to pick up any more passengers!

Bus Operators
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Bus 510 Aberystwyth Penrhyncoch Bus 525 Aberystwyth Llanidloes Bus 585 Aberystwyth Lampeter Bus T21 Aberystwyth Tregaron Bus X28 Aberystwyth Machynlleth Bus 03 National LIbrary and Campus

Car / Road Traffic

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Please note: If you park in large car-park opposite the police compound, there is a free[with paid parking ticket], year round bus service that loops around town every 20 minutes.

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Aberystwyth's Only Cycle Lane Aberystwyth Helipad


National Cycle Route 81 and The Ystwyth Trail terminate in Aberystwyth. When National Cycle Route 82 is complete it will incorporate the Ystwyth Trail in the middle. In recent years Aberystwyth's demonstrated its commitment to cycling by increasing the cycle lanes in town 20 fold. The new cycle lane is about 200m long on a side street leading up to the bridge.


  • Aberystwyth helipad (Blaendolau Playing Fields)

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The weather very much determines what there is to do in Aber' so it's important to get a good forecast.

Current Observations


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Distances and journey time to Aberystwyth
LocationCrow Distance (km)Road Distance (km)Train Journey TimeCar Journey TimeCoach Journey Time
- no Rail Link
Machynlleth 25 33 0:300:30 0:40
Lampeter 33 40 - 0:40 1:10
Dolgellau 39 55 - 0:55 1:30
Cardigan 61 54 - 1:00 4:00
Swansea 89 122 5:20 1:47 2:40
Bangor 84 144 4:30 2:343:40
Tenby 93 113 9:26 1.45 4.36
Shrewsbury 96 122 1:45 2:00 2:15
Cardiff 124 187 4:10 2:30 4:00
Liverpool 132 168 4:00 2:45 8:30
Bristol 149 204 5:00 3:00 5:05
Birmingham 188 198 3:00 2:45 4:00
Exeter 193 311 6:00 4:00 8:10
Nottingham 207 272 4:45 3:45 7:00
London (Euston) 290 379 5:00 4:45 7:05
Brighton 325 460 8:00 6:0010:15
Newcastle 328 440 7:00 5:1511:00
Norwich 365 445 7:00 6:0010:40
Edinburgh 398 531 9:00 6:1512:40
Inverness 563 78112:00 9:3027:00
Paris 601 855 9:45 9:4022:15
Brussels 607 758 9:30 8:3022:00
Amsterdam 609 92613:0014:5823:15
Hamburg 950122016:3019:0044:15