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Aberystwyth high street is full of shops that you can see in any high street in Britain - with a few sea-side shops thrown in. A few exceptions are:

  • The Mecca - speciality teas, coffees & associated paraphernalia
  • Siop y Pethe - Welsh book shop
  • Maeth y Meysydd - whole foods and herbs, packaged in the shop
  • Old Bakery Cookshop - stylish cookery equipment
  • Jump to the Local Commerce section for more shopping links

Early closing is on Wednesday afternoon but only a few locally owned shops close these days.
Many travel agents and banks will exchange currency as will the Post Office (where it's commission free)



The recent building boom in Aberystwyth have led to the movement of the market into less and less favourable locations which have left the ancient market town with several small fragmented markets. Aberystwyth's loss is Machynlleth's gain whose large thriving market justifies the term 'market town'.

Market HallMarket Hall

Market Hall:

Open year round Monday-Saturday: about 11-5 but not all the stores are open all the time.

Saturday Market

Saturday market:

Weekly on Saturday(!) around the Market Hall a dozen or so stalls

Farmers MarketFarmers Market

Farmers market:

Two dozen stalls along North Parade selling local farm produce. Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month - except the 1st Saturday of January

Winter MarketWinter Market

Winter Market:

Market held in mid November along Park Avenue. This market is accompanied by a funfair in the evening

Xmas Market:

Farmers Market + Craft Fair. On a Saturday in mid December along Baker St.

Summer Clarach MarketSummer Clarach Market

Summer Market:

Large 'summer' market held in Clarach from Easter to the end of July then moving to Tre'r ddol till the end of September

Mac' Market:

Large popular weekly on Wednesday's in Machynlleth

Property, Accommodation and Hotels

Wildlife Enthusiast

Harbour Swans Bee
Lamb Cormorant
Red Kite Common Redshank
Mallards Horses
Beetle Oedemera nobilis Butterfly Common Blue Polyommatus icarus
English Stonecrop Sedum anglicum House sparrow Passer domesticus

The combination of rural, coastal, mountains, rivers and estuaries provides a rich variety of habitats for wildlife. Buzzards and Red Kites are often seen above the local hills. The tidal Dovey estuary, is home to many birds and a resting and feeding area for many more exotic species in migration. The coastline is home to seals and the bay home to dolphins.

Moth Six spot Burnet ZygaenaFilipendulae Horse Sea Holley Eryngium maritimum squirrel Butterfly Gatekeeper Pyronia Tithonus Oystercatcher Heamatopus Ostralegus Stonechat Saxicola Torquata Black-Headed Gull Larus Ridibandus Cormorant Gull Butterfly Painted Lady Vanessa cardui Butterfly Speckled Wood Pararge Aegeria Brent goose Branta bernicla Rabbit(Oryctolagus_Cuniculus

Kids Activities

Most of these activities are only suitable for the summer and most would require parental supervision - especially around water and tides.

Need: Transport + Money

ynyslas Dunes and Beach

Need: Transport

Nant Y Moch Reservoir

Need: Money

Camera Obscura
Stream Train at Devils Bridge
  • Leisure Centre
  • Municipal Tennis Courts
  • Golf - Putting & Crazy
  • Boat Ride
  • Camera Obscura
  • Cliff Railway
  • Steam Train
  • Cinema (Often there are matinee showings during the summer school vacation)
  • Summer Season (Music children's theatre in the Arts Centre)
  • Cambrian Coast train to Harlech - Day return


Harbour Swans
Castle play park
Plas crug play park
skate park
Plas Crug Outdoor Gym
  • Beach: Clarach / North Beach /South Beach / Tan-y-Bwlch - Rock Pools (Aberystwyth North & South beaches often have lifeguards during the summer school vacation)
  • Swans & Ducks: Harbour
  • Dolphin spotting - often in the morning around the mouth of the harbour
  • Beachcombing
  • Castle Grounds
  • Hunting Pokemon NEW
  • Hunting Dragons!
  • Cycle Ride
  • Plas Crug Leisure Centre Outdoor Gym
  • Childrens Play park: Castle / Plas Crug
  • Picnic: Beach / Castle
  • Walk over Consti'
  • Walk up Pendinas
  • Walk Cwm Woods / Penglais Nature park
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Rope Maze (near Municipal Tennis Courts)
  • Skate + Cycle Area (Boulervard St Brieuc, just on from the Cop Shop)
  • Wellie walk
  • Watch Steam Train at the Station
  • Blackberry Picking (August & September)
  • National Library Exhibitions
  • Museum
  • Books: Children's section of town library
  • Arts Centre galleries
  • Outdoor Paddling Pool (Only filled during the summer season)

Paddling Pool Wellie Walk at Aberystwyth Stream Train at Aberystwyth

Prom Flags

Above north beach hang the flags of the following European minority nations. ('Minority nation' is the council's designation not mine.)

  • Alsace
  • The Basque Country
  • Brittany
  • The Catalan Countries  
  • Cornwall
  • Corsica
  • Estonia
  • Flanders
  • Friesland
  • Galicia
  • The Isle of Man
  • Lapland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Occitania
  • Sardinia
  • Scotland
  • South Tyrol
  • Val d'Aosta
  • Wales
  • Wallonia
Flag Alsace Flag Basque Flag Brittany Flag Catalan Flag Corsica Flag Estonia Flag Flanders Flag Friesland Flag Galicia Flag Isle Of Man Flag Lapland Flag Latvia Flag Occitania Flag Sardinia Flag Scotland Flag of Poland instead of South Tyrol Flag Val d'Aosta Flag Wales Flag Wallonia

South of the Pier are more flags - this time flags of other EU countries and flags of countries from where many visitors come to Ceredigion. By the end of the summer, what's left of these raggedy flags is taken down till the following spring.

Train Enthusiast

Stream Train at Devils Bridge Stream Train at Aberystwyth
Train at Aberystwyth Thunderbird 4 at Aberystwyth

Stream Engine Prince Of Wales Narrow Guage Train at Aberystwyth Engine Shed at Aberystwyth Stream Train at Aberystwyth Stream Train Cabin Narrow Guage Engines at Aberystwyth Llanbadarn Station Stream Train at Aberystwyth Train at Aberystwyth Narrow Guage Train at Aberystwyth


As anyone who's been here for a while will tell you, one of the best things about Aber' is its doorstep! And right on the doorstep of Aberystwyth are the following:

Extra notes - for visitors who plan

Tourist Information Office
A 4 minute walk from the Railway station towards the sea, just past Boots Chemists
A hat's usually better than a brolly (there's less 'lift')
Most supermarkets open on Sunday 10:00-16:00
Budgens - open till 23:00 most nights & till 17:00 on Sunday
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are the Spar next to WH Smiths and Costcutter at the petrol station
Post Office
2 Minute walk from Town Clock towards centre of town - just past Poundland
Easy to find meeting points
Town Clock
In front of Railway Station
In front of Barclays Bank
Park Avenue Toilets
2 minutes from Train Station
Clean (Award Winning)
Hot Water
Separate baby changing room
Beach Shower
Between the marina and the prom and next to the lifeboat station
Soft so you'll need less soap, detergent, shampoo, laundry powder than in a hard water area
Sunday Evening
Most cafés & restaurants are closed
Bath St (sic), next to cinema
North Parade, near cycle shop
Bridge St, near the middle
Walking up to Arts Centre / Campus
If you're not used to hills, slow down just after the hospital car park
Walking up Constitution Hill
Good boots as it's slippery when wet
After heavy or prolonged rain the train line around Dovey Junction often floods, so it's not unusual for buses to be used for train passengers between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth
Aberystwyth byelaws include:
  • Alcohol may not be consumed in the streets
  • Between the 1st May and 30th September dogs are not allowed on the beaches and should be kept on leads near the beaches.
Parliamentary legislation relating to Aberystwyth

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