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Aberystwyth Guide Night Sky

Current night sky over Aberystwyth

This page helps explain what's in the sky by above Aberystwyth by using live data and forecasts. The page is layered(ish) - with Stars and Planets at the top followed by: Moon Phases, Heavens Above, International Space Station, Northern Lights, Meteor Showers, Planes, Cloud Cover and finally Street Lamps.

384km(ish) and up: Moon, Planets, Stars, etc

Symbol for Mercury Mercury
Symbol for Venus Venus
Symbol for Mars Mars
Symbol for Jupiter Jupiter
Symbol for Saturn Saturn
Symbol for Uranus Uranus
Symbol for Neptune Neptune
Symbol for Pluto Pluto
current postion of atronimical objects above the Aberystwyth night sky
This chart can with updated with the latest positions by reloading the page every 10 minutes or so.
The centre of the circle shows what's directly above you.
The rim of the circle shows what's on the horizon.
Planets Visible in the Night Sky from Aberystwyth

384km(ish): Moon Phase

160km - 200,000km(ish) Man Made Stuff in Earth Orbit

Heavens Above shows timetables for when various satellites, space stations, space laboratories and shuttles are due to pass over Aberystwyth. It also shows, up to date sky charts, solar system charts, sun & moon rise & set times etc

List of satellites flying by Aberystwyth in the next 10 days

Realtime simulation of man made objects orbiting the Earth (Use slide and zoom to find Aber) This is a bit like the plane tracker

400km: International Space Station

Naked-Eye visibility of the international space station from Aberystwyth

90km - 150km(ish): Auroral Forecast (Northern Lights)

30 minute Auroral Forecast
Auroral Forecast
Updated every 30 minutes
(Britain is at 3o'clock)

0 - 70km(ish) Meteor Showers

Main Annual Meteor Showers

Quadrantids January 3-4
Lyrids April 18-25
Perseids August 11-13
Draconids October 8-9
Orionids October 21-22
Leonids November 17-18
Geminids December 13-14
Ursids December 22-23

Every day over 40,000kg of space dust enters the atmosphere. Most of this dust is microscopic and can't be seen, but a few larger pieces (=larger than a grain of sand) can be seen burning up in the atmosphere every hour. At certain, regular, times of the year there are more intense showers of meteors. The peak dates for the main meteor showers visible from Aberystwyth are listed on the right.

Many meteors can be seen days and even weeks either side of the peak activity. NASA's Fluxtimator forecasts the meteor shower rate for many annual showers. To use it you'll need to change the date and the location. (If you don't want to use London then enter 52°25'North 4°05'West for Aberystwyth)

600m - 16km(ish): Planes

The following link does not work on older Internet Explorer browsers:
Aberystwyth Air Space

0-2km(ish): Cloud Cover

current observing conditions (cloud cover) above the Aberystwyth night sky
Cloud Cover
Above Aberystwyth

2 hours span of IR satellite
images of Europe

5 day 'clear sky' astronomy forecast for Aberystwyth from AccuWeather

3m: Street Lamps

Use the night sky simulator to see just how bad the light pollution is in Aberystwyth compared with just a few miles outside
Light Pollution image from NASA April 2012
Aberystwyth Light Pollution

Sky full of Crud / Can't get out?

Get inspired with these virtual telescopes: