Aberystwyth Boom & Bust

Boomtown Aber'

Ceredigion is in an 'Objective One' area (ie the local economy is performing at less the 75% of the EU average) and the tourist industry has been in decline for many decades, however, Aberystwyth is going through a mini boom, with:

Aberystwyth Town Clock
Aberystwyth Town Clock
  • Large Tesco / M&S supermarket
  • Rebuilt Fire Station
  • Refurbished Train Station
  • Refurbished Bus Station
  • Large, glass fronted, Welsh Assembly, office block in Llanbadarn
  • Arts Centre Creative Business Units
  • New retail 'park'(sic) opposite the bus depot
  • Substantial footbridge over railway line
  • New university department buildings on Penglais Campus
  • Islands - for decades there was only one. As if making up for lost time, traffic planers have added half a dozen of these in the past few years.
  • New suspension foot bridge
  • Major re-route of the town's one-way traffic
  • New Rheidol cycle track starting at the main bridge in Aberystwyth and going past Cwm Rheidol and on to Devil's Bridge
  • Extensions to Coleg Ceredigion local FE college
  • Extension to the Hospital
  • Development of the flood plane between Aber' and Llanbadarn
  • The renovated SPAR shop in the centre of town is open 24 hours a day.
  • Another extension added to the National Library
  • Major additions to the University's Llanbadarn campus
  • Large extension to the Arts Centre
  • Pedestrianising the area around the market hall
  • New town clock
  • New cafés & restaurants
  • Redevelopment of old Railway Station
  • Redevelopment of many of the towns pubs
  • New retail 'park'(sic) by the railway station
  • Out of town shopping development
  • A student village with 1,000 places
  • Another student village with 1,000 places
  • The university doubling its intake in the late 90's.
  • New Marina
  • New Police compound
  • Redevelopment of promenade
Government Offices Llanbadarn Plas Crug Foot Bridge Visualisation Centre Penglais Campus


There are probably lots more, but here's a few to start/put you off:

Town Centre

CCTV Of the 9 chicks in this clutch only 2 made it Hosing down blood

This whole area

  • Sundays
  • Weeks of endless rain and grey skies
  • Changing clothes 3 times a day because every time you're popped out you got soaked.
  • Film of salt covering everything after every storm especially windows and cars
  • Off the beaten track - takes 2 hours to get to the closest city
  • Finding accommodation
  • Least affordable accommodation in Wales (house prices divided by income)
  • Almost permanent roadworks
  • Long standing recipient of EU Convergence Objective grants (formerly 'Objective One') because the local economy is performing at less the 75% of the EU average.
  • Limited choice of careers
  • After relocating to Aber' for a job, finding your partner a career
  • .....

Posh New Benches + Chaves = Vandalised Benches Bike in River Broken Shop Windows Vomit - Oh Joy! Another contribution from the night time economy Lame Graffiti Broken Shop Windows Supermarket Trolley in River Broken Shop Windows South Beach = BBQ waste including nails and heat fractured rock shards Frigid Houses Light Pollution image from NASA April 2012 KwikSave Windswept Seriously Gray Guano Walls - Do Dulux do a guano range?