Aberystwyth Guide

Aberystwyth [52°25'N 4°05'W] [OS National Grid SN584817] is a small sea-side town (population 13,0402011 Census) in the county of Ceredigion (population 75,9222011 Census) on the west coast of Wales. Situated towards the centre of the crescent of Cardigan Bay, Aberystwyth's harbour is fed by the confluence of the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol.

The town is huddled between three hills and is focused around a seafront with two gritty beaches, some castle ruins, a pier and a harbour. Of the three hills: Pendinas to the south has visible remains of an iron age fort and a monument to Wellington. To the north is Constitution Hill with a cliff railway for those not up to the 110m ascent up the zigzagged path to the summit. Apart from the amazing views of Cardigan Bay the reward for your climb (during the summer) is a small café and the camera obscura. Rising more gently to the east is Penglais Hill hosting, the hospital, the National Library of Wales and the main Aberystwyth University Campus including an Arts Centre. Just over the crest of the hill is Penglais School one of the two secondary schools in town and the "science" park. Almost everything in Aberystwyth can be reached by a 10/15 minute walk from the centre of town.

Aberystwyth originated as a garrison town to help the Normans subjugate the local population. Since then it has been mining town (silver and lead), and for a while, through fishing and transporting ore, it had the 2nd busiest port in Wales. From the 1870's to the 1950's it had a thriving tourism industry. Now Aberystwyth is a University town which adds over 9,000 students to the local population.

Most of the town's economy is based around: repairing broken shop windows, alcohol, tourism, education, retail, local government and the service sector for the rural neighbourhood. Once the summer's over the students return and take over the accommodation, bar stools and supermarket queues that the tourists vacate. Unlike many small sea-side towns, businesses in Aberystwyth manage to stay open all year. A significant social feature of the town is that nearly 1/3rd of its population is transitory, with the students here for 27 weeks and the main tourist season being 6-to-8 weeks.

“surreal quality to
the night scene”

For hundreds of years Aber's had an inordinate number of pubs. It's a dipsomaniac's dream town. The compact town centre has led to a particular form of the 'art' called the 'crawl' - where revellers have a drink in one pub and then move on to the next pub. For three or four evenings a week the town centre is vibrant throng 'crawling' between pubs. And with extended opening hours, the cheer of the revellers can be heard about 20 past the hour, every hour, until dawn. The extra bright street lighting (to aid the extensive network of CCTV cameras) adds a surreal quality to the night scene.

This endless 'vibrancy' does not suit everyone and most families with children and owner occupiers have moved out of the town centre - funding their escape by transferring the housing stock to the rental sector.


A white railed, wide promenade is built up off the beach to protect the buildings from the storms in the Irish Sea which are vigorous enough to reach into Cardigan Bay. In winter these can be spectacular - with waves slam into the 'prom wall' splashing higher than the seafront houses and dumping the beach across the width of the prom and onto the road. (This is particularly evident at the north end of town. This was once a salt water marsh and the storm waves used to break where there are now houses. Sea walls have been made larger and larger over the years to keep the sea out, but from time to time a powerful storm puts the salt water back.)

The seafront buildings are brightly painted, Victorian and 4/5 stories high. The few that aren't hotels or guest houses are various Halls of Residence for the University. Splitting the main (north) beach from the south beach are the castle ruins which are now laid out as park gardens, beside them is a sandstone neo-Gothic building that is known as the 'Old-College'. This was the first university building in Aberystwyth. Although some teaching still goes on in this building, it is now mainly given over to university administration.

The prom has many of the usual sea-front accompaniments: flower beds, illuminations, benches, white railings, paddling pool for toddlers, breakwaters, a pier with slot machines and a jetty for small boats. During the summer the flag poles along the promenade fly the flags of many countries but prominent amongst these are the flags of minority nations.

From Autumn to Spring (almost exactly from the Autumnal Equinox to the Vernal Equinox), tens of thousands of starlings flock to the pier at dusk. It's easy to be attracted by the hypnotic chattering of starlings flying in unison like a shoal of fish, however, it is advised not to stand too close to them when they take off! These are not the dominant birds in town, which is also full of gulls, pigeons and rooks, there are also swans and ducks at the harbour.

As well as the sea, the prom also offers glimpses of the surrounding hills and mountains. In winter these can often be covered in snow even when the town isn't. On a clear day (sic), from the area around the Pier and Castle, it's possible to see the tallest mountain in Wales, Snowdon, which is 80km due North.

EU money has smartened up large parts of promenade pavement, now yellow brick, laid into patterns along with inlayed marble! An advantage of being on the west coast is the unrestricted view of the setting sun over the sea which are particularly popular with land-locked visitors. (Watch out for the green flash phenomenon).

“strange lights
that come out
at night”

If there is high air pressure in the bay the street lights of the other Cambrian coast towns can be seen twinkling in the night sky. Illuminations are popular in Aberystwyth. Strings of bulbs zig-zag along the main streets and along the promenade for months either side of Easter, Christmas and the summer tourist season. Unfortunately, there is so much light pollution that little else is visible in the night sky. One source of strange lights that come out at night that is the LIDAR run by at the University Physics Department. This is a vertical, flickering, pencil thin, green laser beam and is used to measure the amount of 'gunk' in the middle and upper atmosphere.

Several national Welsh institutions have based themselves in Aberystwyth because of its central location in Wales:

“highest ratio of
books to people
in the world”

With over 6,000,000 books (5,000,000+ texts in the National library and over 1,000,000 in the university library) and a population of about 20,000 (13,000 locals + 7,000 students), Aberystwyth is said to have the highest ratio of books to people in the world!

(6,000,000/20,000=300 books for every person)

A fact that may not be apparent as you travel through the centre of town having stepped off the 21:35 train on a Friday evening.

The constitution of the sloping beach varies with the currents and storms, mostly it's grit, sometimes shingle, sometimes even sand. A few rocky outcrops, especially beside the pier, reveal tidal pools which attract kids with fishing nets and 6th form students on field trips. The environment agency regularly measure the murky water quality on Aberystwyth's main beaches . Unstable Site Semi-polished multicoloured pebbles can be found under the pier and below Constitution Hill, though care should be taken as there are strong undercurrents here. In the summer, with patience, it's sometimes possible to spot Bottlenose dolphins and Harbour porpoise out in the bay. Grey seals from the Irish Sea overwinter on the local coastline.

Once one of the busiest in Wales, the harbour is situated at the south end of town and fed by the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol (which is the steepest river in Britain). A couple of years ago the harbour had a 'make-over' and was turned into a Marina. The harbour is highly tidal so it's important to refer to the tide tables if approaching by sea.

Much of the town is built of locally quarried poor quality gray shale, and many of the older houses are rendered and painted. The old town, (within the former town walls) was only slowly built up and most buildings differ from their neighbours. During a rapid expansion in the late 1800's many uniform terrace houses were built outside the town walls. Again much of this using the local stone, this time not covered over. Transport links have improved and the recent expansion was built using red and yellow bricks with much of the new accommodation in the form of apartment blocks.

“many more
resources than a town of this
size would normally have”

Geographically, Aberystwyth is somewhat isolated from the rest of Britain by the Cambrian mountains which sweep down the backbone of Wales. In the past this isolation pushed the peoples of Cardigan Bay to make do with the resources available locally, rather than transport materials or services over the mountains. Even now in the rest of Wales, the term Cardi refers to the 'thrift' of the people in this area. An advantage of this isolation is that over the years Aberystwyth has acquired many more resources than a town of this size would normally have. It has become the centre for a wide rural area between the Cambrian Mountains and the sea. Aberystwyth has numerous cafés, bars, and restaurants including: Bangladeshi, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese & Spanish.

Aberystwyth's climate is dominated by the sea. The Gulf Stream warms the whole of this region making the UK warmer than its latitude would suggest. The prevailing winds are from the west, bringing in warm, damp air from the Irish Sea. If the air is not already raining as it strikes land then it is cooled by being pushed up over the local hills and mountains. These buffering factors come together to make Aberystwyth remarkably equable - the variation in the average temperature between summer and winter is less than 10°C. (Plynlimon, just 15km east of Aberystwyth, is the wettest place in Britain and an area close by has been given planning permission to for one of Europe's largest windfarms.) Even if it's snowing just a km inland, the warming effect of the sea make snow and frost rare in Aberystwyth. What's gained in warm air is lost in wind-chill and the public litter bins around town tend to be jammed with 'dead' umbrellas even after mild storms. Aberystwyth has long been promoted for its clean, fresh and bracing air. The storms of Autumn and Winter start to break up with the changeable weather of Spring leading warmer and dryer spells of Summer.

Touristy Stuff

Wet Ones

Café / Pubs
Arts Centre
Sports Centre
Board Games
Card Games

Wet Sundays

Board Games
Card Games


Aberystwyth high street is full of shops that you can see in any high street in Britain - with a few sea-side shops thrown in. A few exceptions are:

  • The Mecca - speciality teas, coffees & associated paraphernalia
  • Siop y Pethe - Welsh book shop
  • Maeth y Meysydd - whole foods and herbs, packaged in the shop
  • Old Bakery Cookshop - stylish cookery equipment
  • Jump down this page to the Local Commerce section for more shopping links

Early closing is on Wednesday afternoon but only a few locally owned shops close these days.
Many travel agents and banks will exchange currency as will the Post Office (where it's commission free)



The recent building boom in Aberystwyth have led to the movement of the market into less and less favourable locations which have left the ancient market town with several small fragmented markets. Aberystwyth's loss is Machynlleth's gain whose large thriving market justifies the term 'market town'.

  • Market Hall: Open year round Monday-Saturday: about 11-5 but not all the stores are open all the time.
  • Saturday market Weekly on Saturday(!) around the Market Hall a dozen or so stalls
  • Farmers market: One or two dozen stalls every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month along North Parade (or sometimes along Baker Street) selling local farm produce
  • (touring) French market: 2 dozen stalls 2-3 times a year along North Parade
  • Winter Market: Large market held on 3 days along Park Avenue (1st Monday after the 12th of November and the subsequent 2 Mondays). This market is accompanied by a funfair in the evening
  • Summer Market: Large 'summer' market held in Clarach from Easter to the end of July then moving to Tre'r ddol till the end of September.
  • Mac' Market: Large popular weekly on Wednesday's in Machynlleth

Boomtown Aber'

Ceredigion is in an 'Objective One' area (ie the local economy is performing at less the 75% of the EU average) and the tourist industry has been in decline for many decades, however, Aberystwyth is going through a mini boom, with:

  • Refurbished Bus Station
  • Large, glass fronted, Welsh Assembly, office block in Llanbadarn
  • Arts Centre Creative Business Units
  • New retail 'park'(sic) opposite the bus depot
  • Substantial footbridge over railway line
  • New university department buildings on Penglais Campus
  • Islands - for decades there was only one. As if making up for lost time, traffic planers have added half a dozen of these in the past few years.
  • New suspension foot bridge
  • Major re-route of the town's one-way traffic
  • New Rheidol cycle track starting at the main bridge in Aberystwyth and going past Cwm Rheidol and on to Devil's Bridge
  • Extensions to Coleg Ceredigion local FE college
  • Extension to the Hospital
  • Development of the flood plane between Aber' and Llanbadarn
  • The renovated SPAR shop in the centre of town is open 24 hours a day.
  • Another extension added to the National Library
  • Major additions to the University's Llanbadarn campus
  • Large extension to the Arts Centre
  • Pedestrianising the area around the market hall
  • New town clock
  • New cafés & restaurants
  • Redevelopment of old Railway Station
  • Redevelopment of many of the towns pubs
  • New retail 'park'(sic) by the railway station
  • Out of town shopping development
  • A student village with 1,000 places
  • The university doubling its intake in the late 90's.
  • New Marina
  • New Police compound
  • Redevelopment of promenade

Aberystwyth Year/Diary: regular annual events


Evening of 31st of December
Town wide fancy dress pub crawl.
Mid Jan to end of March
Students in Aber
Sun Rise: 8:19GMT Sun Set: 16:32GMT Day Length: 8:12 Average Temperature: 5.2°C Averagre Rainfall: 97mm


mid Feb
Welsh Open Volleyball Tournament
Late Feb
Aber Rag Week (Students fundraising for charity)
Sun Rise: 7:32GMT Sun Set: 17:29GMT Day Length: 9:56 Average Temperature: 5.0°C Averagre Rainfall: 72mm


Beginning of March
Gulls start looking for nesting sites on flat roofs and between chimney pots all over town
Mid March
The starlings that have been roosting under the pier since September leave
Sun Rise: 6:32GMT Sun Set: 18:20GMT Day Length: 11:49 Average Temperature: 6.2°C Averagre Rainfall: 60mm


cherry blossom
Fine display of blossom from the ornamental cherry trees lining Portland Street
Sun Rise: 6:19GMT Sun Set: 20:13GMT Day Length: 13:55 Average Temperature: 8.2°C Averagre Rainfall: 56mm


Millions of bluebells in woods above town
Athletes: Trail Running Races & Charity Walk at Nant yr Arian (5th & 6th of May in 2012)
Election of new Mayor followed by inauguration procession though town
May to early June
Students in Aber
mid May
Millions of bluebells in woods above town
French Market
Race For Life charity run
Bicycle endurance race organized by Summit Cycles
University May (going down) Ball
Cycling Festival (24th 25th & 26th in 2013)

French Market
Sun Rise: 5:21GMT Sun Set: 21:04GMT Day Length: 15:44 Average Temperature: 11.2°C Averagre Rainfall: 65mm


Gull Chicks
Mid June
Gull chicks hatch - within 2 months they'll be almost as big as their parents and able to fly
June 21st
As well as the longest time between sunrise and sunset, the Summer Solstice has the longest period of twilight at dawn and at dusk. The last glimmer of daylight is still visible after midnight and the 1st turquoise glint of dawn can be seen well before 3am. (British Summer Time) This contrasts starkly with the Winter Solstice where day abruptly turns into night.
Late June
Arts Centre Open Day
Sun Rise: 4:43GMT Sun Set: 21:39GMT Day Length: 16:45 Average Temperature: 13.8°C Averagre Rainfall: 76mm


International Ceramics Festival (Alternate years 2013, 2015)
Early to mid July
A week of University graduation ceremonies
Mid to late July
Musicfest: International music festival and summer school with many concerts and masterclasses open to the public.(21-28 July in 2012)
Mid July to mid September
Main tourist season
Sun Rise: 5:12GMT Sun Set: 21:32GMT Day Length: 16:20 Average Temperature: 13.8°C Averagre Rainfall: 76mm


Sun Rise: 5:59GMT Sun Set: 20:42GMT Day Length: 14:43 Average Temperature: 15.5°C Averagre Rainfall: 93mm


The starlings that will roost under the pier until March start to arrive
last week of September to mid December
Students in Aber
Sun Rise: 6:50GMT Sun Set: 19:31GMT Day Length: 12:38 Average Temperature: 14.0°C Averagre Rainfall: 108mm


Sun Rise: 7:40GMT Sun Set: 18:22GMT Day Length: 10:40 Average Temperature: 11.0°C Averagre Rainfall: 118mm


Aber Fireworks
November and December
Christmas Craft Fair in the Arts Centre
November 5th
Bombfire night - the largest firework display of the year is held at the football club. (This is sometimes held a few days earlier depending on which day of the week the 5th falls on)
1st Monday after the 12th of November
and the subsequent 2 Mondays
Market and funfair (used to be called the hiring fairs, where farmers and masters would hire servants).
(17th, 24thand 1st in 2014) The funfair (without the market) also runs on the Saturdays before each market day
Funfair Winter Market
Sun Rise: 7:36GMT Sun Set: 16:23GMT Day Length: 8:43 Average Temperature: 7.9°C Averagre Rainfall: 111mm


French Market
French Market
Mid December
Aberystwyth 10K Road Race (Running)(9th in 2012)
Sun Rise: 8:19GMT Sun Set: 16:03GMT Day Length: 7:41 Average Temperature: 6.1°C Averagre Rainfall: 96mm


For such a small town, so far off the beaten track, Aber' has a problem with the car. Most of the town's layout dates from well before the car but many people come into town by car to work, study and shop. Adding to this is the main coast road between north and south Wales which squeezes its traffic though the town. Aber' has an extensive one way system and there are gridlocks in town and most of the approach roads during the rush-hours. Many of the town's roads have double yellow lines, which leads to a game of 'musical chairs' as cars keep driving around the one-way system waiting for a parking space to free up.

“the town's layout
dates from well
before the car”

All this despite there being a free year round park-and-ride scheme just 5 minutes walk from the centre of town (by the large car-park opposite the police compound). Watching the driver confusion at the imaginative road junction on North Parade, (where 2 'in' lanes combine then split into 3 'out' lanes) is becoming the new spectator sport.

Extra notes
for visitors who plan

Aberystwyth byelaws include:
  • Alcohol may not be consumed in the streets
  • Between the 1st May and 30th September dogs are not allowed on the beaches and should be kept on leads near the beaches.
Tourist Information Office
A 3 minute walk from the Railway station towards the sea, just past Boots Chemists
Bath St (sic), next to Cinema
North Parade, near Cycle Shop
Bridge St, near the middle
Walking up to Arts Centre / Campus
If you're not used to hills, slow down just after the hospital car park
Walking up Constitution Hill
Good boots as it's slippery when wet
Park & Ride Bus
Every 20 minutes
A hat's usually better than a brolly (there's less 'lift')
The Spar next to WH Smiths is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Coop - open till 22:00 most nights
Most open on Sunday 10:00-16:00
Easy to find meeting points
Town Clock
In front of Railway Station
In front of Barclays Bank
Post Office
2 Minute walk from Town Clock towards centre of town - just past Poundland
Phone Cards - mobile
Most newsagents and supermarkets
Park Avenue Toilets (2 min from Train Station)
Hot Water
Separate baby changing room
Sunday Evening
Most cafés & restaurants are closed
Beach Shower
on the Southern side of the Bandstand
After heavy or prolonged rain the train line around Dovey Junction often floods, so it's not unusual for buses to be used for train passengers between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth


The front of the old railway station is now a large pub, with the railway relegated to the side buildings next to platform 1. I don't know whether it's best to describe it as a railway station with a pub or a pub where trains pull into the lobby!

Coach / Bus

The local bus timetable tends to fall apart around rush hours also the buses can sometimes be too full to pick up any more passengers!

Bus Operators
Routes & Timetables
Ticket Discounts, Offers & Passes

Car / Road Traffic

Please note: If you park in large car-park opposite the police compound, there is a free, year round bus service that loops around town every 15 minutes.

Renting, Sharing or Hiring
Unplanned Disruptions
Planned Disruptions
Journey/Route Planning


National Cycle Route 81 and The Ystwyth Trail terminate in Aberystwyth, however, being just 10m long Aberystwyth's only cycle lane is both narrower and shorter than the adjacent zebra crossing! (It's along the rim of the traffic island just before the Bus Station.)


  • Aberystwyth helipad (Blaendolau Playing Fields)

Airports - Airfields - Airstrips - Landing strips


The weather very much determines what there is to do in Aber' so it's important to get a good forecast.

Current Observations



Distances and journey time to Aberystwyth
LocationCrow Distance (km)Road Distance (km)Train Journey TimeCar Journey TimeCoach Journey Time
- no Rail Link
Machynlleth 25 33 0:300:30 0:40
Lampeter 33 40 - 0:40 1:10
Dolgellau 39 55 - 0:55 1:30
Cardigan 61 54 - 1:00 4:00
Swansea 89 122 5:20 1:47 2:40
Bangor 84 144 4:30 2:343:40
Tenby 93 113 9:26 1.45 4.36
Shrewsbury 96 122 1:45 2:00 2:15
Cardiff 124 187 4:10 2:30 4:00
Liverpool 132 168 4:00 2:45 8:30
Bristol 149 204 5:00 3:00 5:05
Birmingham 188 198 3:00 2:45 4:00
Exeter 193 311 6:00 4:00 8:10
Nottingham 207 272 4:45 3:45 7:00
London (Euston) 290 379 5:00 4:45 7:05
Brighton 325 460 8:00 6:0010:15
Newcastle 328 440 7:00 5:1511:00
Norwich 365 445 7:00 6:0010:40
Edinburgh 398 531 9:00 6:1512:40
Inverness 563 78112:00 9:3027:00
Paris 601 855 9:45 9:4022:15
Brussels 607 758 9:30 8:3022:00
Amsterdam 609 92613:0014:5823:15
Hamburg 950122016:3019:0044:15
Zurich1063131814:2018:40 14:50

Property, Accommodation and Hotels

Restaurants, Cafés, Takeaways

There are the beginnings of a café society in Aberystwyth - which is of no threat whatsoever to the numbers in the drinking society.

cafe - Café
cafetakeaway - Café with some takeaway options
restaurant - Restaurant
takeaway - Takeaway
takeaway eat in - Takeaway with the option to eat in
hotel - Hotel's restaurant open to non-patrons
shop - in/with a shop
delivery - Delivery
Wireless Internet Access - Wireless Internet
accessible - It should be possible to get into the establishment, though there may not be suitable toilets

Cafe Olive Branch
caferestaurantWireless Internet Access

Olive Branch (Greek)
Rock House

Pier Street
Cafe Olive Branch Cafe Olive Branch

Lip Licking Fried Chicken Takeaway

Lip-licking Fried Chicken

Pier Street

shopeat intakeawaycaferestaurantaccessible

Ultracomida Cantina & Delicatessen (Spanish)
Rendezvous Restaurant

Pier Street

Y Graig

Y Graig

Pier Street

Hollywood Pizza

Hollywood Pizza
Tiffins Coffee Shop

Pier Street


Mandarin (Chinese)

Pier Street

Cabin Cafe

The Cabin

Pier Street
Cabin Cafe Cabin Cafe Cabin Cafe


La Taberna - Casa Miguel (Spanish)
Bistro Sosban Fach

New Street (Off Pier Street)

shopeat intakeawaycafe

Y Siop Leol (Welsh)

Pier Street
Y Siop Leol Y Siop Leol Y Siop Leol Y Siop Leol

Home Cafe


Pier Street
Home Cafe Home Cafe Home Cafe



Pier Street

Sun Hong

Sun Hong (Chinese)

Pier Street

Penguin Cafe


Pier Street
Penguin Cafe Penguin Cafe

TY's American Diner

TY's American Diner


PD's Diner

PD's Diner

PD's Diner


The Kings Brasserie,
The Kings Hall



Gwesty Cymru


Kam Sing

Kam Sing (Chinese)


Seafront Palace

Seafront Palace (Chinese)


deliveryeat intakeawayrestaurant



Orchid Restaurant

Orchid Restaurant (Pan Asian)
Hot Rock Café,
Cambria Tea Rooms

Orchid Restaurant Orchid Restaurant Orchid Restaurant

Ceasers Cafe

Oasis on the Parade,
Bistro 20,
Oasis on the Prom(sic),

North Parade
Ceasers Cafe


Agra (Mediterranean)

North Parade



North Parade


Little Italy

North Parade


The Upper Limit Café
The Limit

North Parade

Lilly's Coffee Shop

Lilly's Coffee Shop
Prizzi's Coffee Shop,

North Parade
Lilly's Coffee Shop

The Chip Box
eat intakeaway

The Chip Box
Eastgate Fish & Chips Restuarant

The Chip Box The Chip Box The Chip Box


Fusion King
Wasabi, Le Vignoble,

Wasabi Wasabi Wasabi

Bella Vita

Bella Vita (Italian)

Market Street
Orangery Orangery

Le Casablanca

Le Casablanca
Marmaris Delight,


eat intakeaway




Tree House

Corner of Eastgate and Baker Street
Treehouse Cafe Restaurant Treehouse Cafe Restaurant Treehouse Cafe Restaurant

Backyard BBQ Smokehouse

Backyard BBQ Smokehouse
Pizza Alley,

Baker Street
Backyard BBQ Smokehouse Peers Peers

Instambul Kebab
eat intakeawayaccessible

Instambul Kebab

Terrace Road

shopeat intakeawayaccessible


Terrace Road


The Other Place
National Milk Bar

Terrace Road
The Other Place The Other Place


Shake On It

Terrace Road
Shake On It Shake On It Shake On It

Caffi Morgans

Caffi Morgans

Terrace Road

Spartacus II
eat intakeaway

Spartacus II

Terrace Road
Spartacus II Spartacus II Spartacus II

eat intakeawaycafeaccessible

Burger King,
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Terrace Road

New Station Cafe
eat intakeawaycafeaccessibleWireless Internet AccessNewspapers

New Station Cafe

Terrace Road
(propper Disabled Toilets)
New Station Cafe New Station Cafe New Station Cafe

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

Portland Street

Nick's Kitchen & Restaurant

Nick's Kitchen & Restaurant
Spice of Bangal,

Portland Road

Carrée's Cafe

Partisserie Florentine,

Portland Road
Red's Cafe Red's Cafe Red's Cafe


Desi (Bangladeshi)
Cafe All Spice

Portland Road

The Honoured Guest

The Honoured Guest (Chinese)
Little South China Restaurant,
Spring Garden,
Agra Fort,

Portland Road

Rheidol Restaurant

Rheidol Restaurant & Bakery

Cambrian Street

Station Buffet Bar

Station Buffet Bar

Station Platform
Station Buffet Bar Station Buffet Bar Station Buffet Bar


Shilam (Indian)

Alexandra Rd - Old Station
Shilam Shilam Shilam

Le Figaro

Le Figaro

Alexandra Road
Le Figaro Le Figaro Le Figaro

Express Fish and Chips
eat intakeawayaccessible

Express Fish and Chips

Corner of Alexandra Road and Terrace Road

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

Alexandra Road

deliveryshoptakeawaycafeWireless Internet Access


Park Avenue

Family Rendezvous Restaurant

Family Rendezvous Restaurant

Bridge Street
Family Rendezvous Restaurant Family Rendezvous Restaurant

Agnelli's Espresso Bar and Deli

Agnelli's Italian Deli Cafe
Jacobites Bistro,

Bridge Street
Agnelli's Espresso Bar and Deli Agnelli's Espresso Bar and Deli

eat intakeawayaccessible


GreatDarkgate Street



GreatDarkgate Street - Above Superdrug



GreatDarkgate Street

eat intakeawaycafeaccessible


GreatDarkgate Street

Dolphin Cafe


top of GreatDarkgate Street
Dolphin Cafe Dolphin Cafe Dolphin Cafe

Effes Kebab & Burger House

Effes Kebab & Burger House

top of GreatDarkgate Street

Blue Creek Café
cafeWireless Internet Accesseat intakeaway

Yellow Bellies Café Lounge

Princess St, by the Market Hall
Blue Creak Blue Creak Blue Creak


Y Cwtch

St James Square in the Market Hall

Gannets Bistro

Gannets Bistro

St James Square, by the Market Hall

MG's Cafe Bar


Chalybeate Street
MG's Cafe Bar MG's Cafe Bar MG's Cafe Bar MG's Cafe Bar

Cariad Espresso Bar
eat intakeaway

Cariad Espresso Bar

Chalybeate Street
Cariad Espresso Bar Cariad Espresso Bar

Saparito Cafe Bar

Saparito Cafe Bar
Mecca Coffee House,

Chalybeate Street
Saparito Cafe Bar Saparito Cafe Bar Saparito Cafe Bar

Central Fish Restaurant

Central Fish Restaurant

Chalybeate Street

13 Cambrian Place Cafe

The Coffee Corner,
13 Cambrian Place,
Ancient Rain

Cambrian Place

Sosban Fach

Sosban Fach
Fresh Ground,

Cambrian Place
Sosban Fach Sosban Fach Sosban Fach



St Paul's Church ie the corner of Bath Street and Queens Road

The Coffee Pot Cafe

The Coffee Pot

Northgate Terrace



Northgate Terrace

Hot Dumplings

Hot Dumplings (Chinese)

Northgate Terrace


Traditional Fish & Chips

Northgate Terrace

Arts Centre Cafe

Arts Centre Café

Penglais campus
Arts Centre Cafe Arts Centre Cafe Arts Centre Cafe Arts Centre Cafe Arts Centre Cafe

Y Consti

Y Consti

Constitution Hill
Y Consti

TaMed Da

TaMed Da
(Much to the amusement of chinese speakers)

Penglais Campus Penbryn Hall
TaMed Da TaMed Da TaMed Da


The Joint (sic),

Penglais Campus Student's Union



Penglais Campus

National Library Cafe

Pen Dinas (sic)

DON'T walk up Pen Dinas to find the 'Pen Dinas' café! It's no where near Pen Dinas but .... in the National Library up Penglais Hill
National Library Cafe National Library Cafe


Bronglais Hospital



Aqua Café

Plascrug Leisure Centre


Y Bont

Welsh Assembly Offices, Parc-y-Llyn

Morrisons Cafe



Llety Parc

Llety Parc


eat intakeaway




Students Union

Llanbadarn Campus

Yes, there are a lot of cafés in Aberystwyth, yet even so, it can be a challenge to find a good cup of coffee!

Pubs / Bars



Guides / Profiles
Ranks / Ratings / Assessments

Secondary Schools / FE college

Primary Schools




Genealogy & Local History

The National Library is the main repository for ancient Parish Registers from all over Wales, which attracts many visitors to Aberystwyth doing research on their family trees.

Clubs, Societies, Associations and Sports

Musical Links

A legacy of the old music department, the large local Arts Centre, the Welsh cultural promotion of performance (Eisteddfods) all help make Aber' a musical sort of place. Oh, and perhaps the lack of much else to do during the wet winter nights has something to do with it too.





  • Koudelka is a computer game for the Playstation set in Aberystwyth!
  • AberMUD
  • Siân James' autobiography The Sky Over Wales A child's view of growing up around Aberystwyth in the 1930's & 40's
  • Tales of an Aber Lad. Nostalgic tales of life in Aber during the 1940's and 50's
  • Aber Prom. Development of the seafront over 150 years with particular emphasis on music and the theatrical entertainers of the early 20th century

Health, Emergency Services and Rights

Environment, Recycling and Charity Shops

Aberystwyth has many charity shops.

OxfamTerrace Rd
Banardo'sNorth Parade
Oxfam BookshopNorth Parade
Muscular DystrophyBath St
Salvation ArmyNorthgate Terrace
Age ConcernGreatDarkgate St
Save the ChildrenGreatDarkgate St
TenovusGreatDarkgate St
Tŷ HafanPier St
Ceredigion Care Society  Chalybeate Street

Charity shops are a somewhat British institution, and not found to the same extent else where in the world. The aim of these high street shops is to raise funds for the charity that run them. The products they sell (books, clothes, bric-à-brac, etc) are donated by the public and most of the staff are volunteers.

Dilbert: Hi, Noriko. Is something wrong?
Noriko: Duhhhh!
Noriko: You adults have totally messed up the planet!! Where's the accountability??!
Noriko: You know our implied social contract! You take care of the kids, then we take care of you when you're old. That's how it's supposed to work.
Dilbert: Well, I.......
Noriko: The deal is OFF!!
from: Still Pumped From Using the Mouse by Scott Adams

Recycling Points:
What \ WhereMoriPolCarGlanCOOPHarbourCraftARCMuniShopMillPlasFuji
[1] Oxfam Bin
[2] For re-sale rather than re-processing
[3] Must comply to non-flammable regulations
[4] Also in Somerfield store
[5] Secure, certificated destruction of computer disks, tapes & videos
[6] Cancer Research Bin
[7] Salvation Army Bin
[8] Oxfam Bookshop
C.B. Environmental Ltd
Mori - Morrisons
PolCar Car park opposite police compound
Glan - Glanyrafon Recycling Centre
COOP - Waunfawr
Craft - CRAFT
Muni - Glanyrafon Civil Amenities Site (Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat&Sun 10-3)
Shop - Any charity shop (list above)
Mill Street Car Park
Plascrug Leisure Centre
Aluminium cans/foilyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Steel cansyesyes
Plastic Bottlesyesyes
Carrier Bagsyes
Domestic Textiles
& Paired Shoes[2]
Cassette Tapes[2]yes[1]yes[1]yesyes
Video Tapes[2]yes[1]yes[1]yesyes
Computer scrap &
circuit boards
InkJet cartridgesyes[8]
Toner cartridgesyes
Magnetic Media[5]yes
Lead Acid Batteriesyes
NiCd Batteries
Fluorescent lamps
Mobile Phonesyesyes
Office Equipmentyes
Electrical goods
Not fires
Not Cookers
Waste metal,
white goods &
garage scrap
Bricks / Rubbleyes

There are also various recycling bins for glass around the university halls of residence, and for aluminium cans in the Student's Union.

“combine it with
a journey that you
would make anyway”

If you are dropping off material for recycling by car, please combine it with a journey that you would make anyway. (The environmental benefits of small scale recycling are often so slight as to be lost by making an extra car journey.)

Communication, Contacts and On-Line Communities

Internet Access

Live !

Live !





Political structure representing Aber'


Local links that don't quite fit in anywhere else

Utility, Monopoly & State

The following Utilities, monopolies and State Offices operate in Aberystwyth


Job Centre's database of local jobs, plus the recruitment pages of the area's larger employers

Local Commerce

Business Advice

  • Ceredigion Business Centre, Business Connect, Businesseye, Flexible Support for Business, Business Wales


Retail Shopping

The "Science" Park

The Industrial Estate (Glanyrafon, Glan Yr Afon)

National Highstreet Chains that operate in Aberystwyth

Aber IT Sector

Needless to say this is dominated by the University's Computer Science Department and Information Services Department. There are also strong computational groups in several other of the science departments.

There are also several university spin-off companies that are Technology based

  • Aber Instruments produce devices that tell you how many bugs (yeast) have grown in a vat.
  • Smartdata a database development company

And finally, there are loads of folks putting together web sites - I being one of them.

Radio Aberystwyth

On a hill six kilometers south of Aber is Blaenplwyf transmitter which provides most of the wireless communications infrastructure for the area. The site is run by Arqiva and also provides the main TV and radio feeds into the area.

Internet TV

If you're missing some television channels during or since the digital switchover and your have broadband internet the some of the shows can be found there

Programing from a Single Station

Programing from Multiple Stations


Wildlife Enthusiast

The combination of rural, coastal, mountains, rivers and estuaries provides a rich variety of habitats for wildlife. Buzzards and Red Kites are often seen above the local hills. The tidal Dovey estuary, is home to many birds and a resting and feeding area for many more exotic species in migration. The coastline is home to seals and the bay home to dolphins.

Kids Activities

Most of these activities are only suitable for the summer and most would require parental supervision - especially around water and tides.

Need: Transport + Money

Need: Transport

Need: Money

  • Leisure Centre
  • Municipal Tennis Courts
  • Boat Ride
  • Camera Obscura
  • Cliff Railway
  • Steam Train
  • Cinema (Often there are matinee showings during the summer school vacation)
  • Summer Season (Music children's theatre in the Arts Centre)
  • Cambrian Coast train to Harlech - Day return


  • Beach: Clarach / North Beach /South Beach / Tan-y-Bwlch - Rock Pools (Aberystwyth North & South beaches often have lifeguards during the summer school vacation)
  • Swans & Ducks: Harbour
  • Castle Grounds
  • Cycle Ride
  • Hunting Dragons!
  • Cycle Ride
  • Childrens Play park: Castle / Plas Crug
  • Picnic: Beach / Castle
  • Walk over Consti'
  • Walk up Pendinas
  • Walk Cwm Woods / Penglais Nature park
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Skate + Cycle Area (Boulervard St Brieuc, just on from the Cop Shop)
  • Wellie walk
  • Watch Steam Train at the Station
  • Blackberry Picking (August & September)
  • National Library Exhibitions
  • Museum
  • Books: Children's section of town library
  • Arts Centre galleries
  • Outdoor Paddling Pool (Only filled during the summer season)

Marine Enthusiast

Train Enthusiast


There are probably lots more, but here's a few to start/put you off:

Town Centre

This whole area

  • Sundays
  • Weeks of endless rain and grey skies
  • Changing clothes 3 times a day because every time you're popped out you got soaked.
  • Film of salt covering everything after every storm especially windows and cars
  • Off the beaten track - takes 2 hours to get to the closest city
  • Finding accommodation
  • Least affordable accommodation in Wales (house prices divided by income)
  • Almost permanent roadworks
  • Former 'Objective One' area (ie the local economy is performing at less the 75% of the EU average)
  • Limited choice of careers
  • After relocating to Aber' for a job, finding your partner a career
  • .....


As anyone who's been here for a while will tell you, one of the best things about Aber' is its doorstep! And right on the doorstep of Aberystwyth are the following:

  • 4km SouthEast Nanteos Mansion Country Hotel and Restaurant.
  • 18km South Guide to the village of Pennant including lots of history

Aber Quotes

In the book 'The meaning of liff' by Douglas Adams & John Lloyd , Aberystwyth is defined as:
A nostalgic yearning which is in itself more pleasant than the thing being yearned for.
Lord Tennyson
This place, the Cambrian Brighton, pleases me not...
Wynford Vaughan-Thomas
The perfect town for the unambitious man
Malcome Pryce in Aberystwyth Mon Amour
Aberystwyth was a great place for a connoisseur of irony